How Many Lady Parts Does It Take to Build a Yoga Motorcycle?

This article was published on YOGANONYMOUS 10/24/12. 

By Hally Marlino

What does a hybrid of female form, yoga and motorcycles look like? Feast your eyes on a masterpiece of bodypaint, guts and glory.

This spectacle is half freakshow, half miracle. Sounds like a job for yogis, right? The stunt couldn’t have been pulled off without flexible, muscular “yoga gurus”, so called by Erin Bates, sports reporter. She is also a dirt bike rider and the featured moto-model.

How many licks, brushstrokes and pairs of leather chaps were sacrificed to get to the center of this wild idea?

See this rad video for all the answers:

Ryan Berman, founder of i.d.e.a., spearheaded this project for International Motorcycle Shows. He said: “The concept really came to life when we were able to find Trina Merry, who paints bodies for a living. She was up for a challenge.”

L’artiste, Trina Merry said: “I’ve been on hyperspeed…delving into the motocross world. I couldn’t sketch it. I really needed to work with my hands. Making a sculpture come to life? It’s about coming together to express a sub-culture through the language of bodypaint.”

Why use Play-Doh yogis as an art medium? Merry wanted to know, “How does a body bend? What muscles in that person’s body are strong? What are their physical attributes that make them so key to that engine, or that wheel or that handlebar?” The end result is beautiful, modern and racy.

Here’s what happens when the rubber hits the road.

Check out more of Trina Merry’s art here.


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